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Thank you for your interest in me and my experience. While my resume and experience below can help to tell part of the story, please read the other sections to also learn about my core values and personality traits.

If you'd like to connect, please feel free to reach out. I look forward to hearing from you.



A family man with a business and profession,
not a businessman and professional with a family.

Providing for my family financially and being the best professional or businessman I can be is not a distraction to or does not take priority over my most important roles of being a connected husband and present father. Commitments to my wife and boys will be aggressively defended and will take priority over any other professional or business commitments.


Everything with intention.

Success doesn't come by accident and "fortune favors the prepared mind." There is no room for "just because," "sacred cows," or idly floating through life. Whether personal or professional, my decisions and actions will be rooted with intention driving toward my goals and values.


Life-long learner.

The world and my profession are constantly changing. Due to this, I believe it is impossible to know everything about anything. To better myself, my family, my industry, and my community, I am constantly researching, learning, testing, and applying new knowledge to my life.


Mind and body in balance.

Understanding that I can only perform at my best when my mind and body are nurtured and in balance, I focus intentional time to steady my mind through meditation and self-reflection and caring for my body through diet and physical activity.


Myers-Briggs Type Indicator


"INTJs have original minds and great drive for implementing their ideas and achieving their goals. They have long-range vision and quickly find meaningful patterns in external events. They are independent, skeptical, and critical and have high standards of competence and performance for themselves and others.
They value health, home, family, and achievement."

Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator

Type 3, The Achiever (23)  |  Type 8, The Challenger (22)

Type 3, The Achiever (23)
Type 8, The Challenger (22)

Type Three exemplifies the desire to be our best self, to develop all of our potentials, and to value ourselves and others. Threes are the "stars" of the personality types—people of tremendous drive, ambition, and belief in themselves. Threes want to excel, to be the best at whatever they do, and they are willing to put in the effort it takes to do so. Threes can be found at the gym, taking classes at night, putting in extra hours at work, learning how to coordinate their best colors when they dress—basically doing what it takes to shine. While Threes are energetic and ambitious, they are also diplomatic—they want to be liked and esteemed by others. They strive to be presentable and appropriate, not wanting to come across in ways that would be disapproved of. They know how to put their best foot forward and present themselves in a way that highlights their energy and confidence.

Type Eight exemplifies the desire to be independent and to take care of oneself. Eights are assertive and passionate about life, meeting it head on with self-confidence and strength. They have learned to stand up for themselves and have a resourceful, "can-do" attitude. They are determined to be self-reliant and free to pursue their own destiny. Thus, Eights are natural leaders: honorable, authoritative, and decisive, with a solid, commanding presence. They take initiative and make things happen, protecting and providing for the people in their lives while empowering others to stand on their own. They embody solidity and courage, using their talents and vision to construct a better world for everyone depending on the range of the influence.


Director of Marketing
GreenPath Financial Wellness

July 2021 — Present

As the Director of Marketing, I oversee all integrated marketing strategies, ensuring that each is maximizing impact on priorities and value on investment. I also provide strategic alignment and guidance to a team of seven others to focus our marketing practice on defined priorities while supporting the growth and development of the team. All while building cross-department relationships, collaborating on developing goals, priorities, and approaches throughout our entire marketing strategy.

Responsibilities of the position include:

  • Marketing team leadership, management, and development
  • Strategic feedback and reviews of project plans, content, messaging, positioning, visual brand, etc.
  • Oversight of integrated marketing tactics, metrics and performance evaluation, insights and recommendations
  • High-level project management to balance and prioritize workloads and communicate/set expectations throughout the organization
  • Facilitation of collaborative and creative processes
  • Tactical and strategic leadership to execute marketing priorities
  • Collaboration and co-creation with peers across the organization
  • Department and organizational leadership of a creative, positive, and empathy-driven culture
comerica bank logo

Vice President, Digital Marketing Consultant
Comerica Bank

May 2017 — July 2021

Responsible for driving integrated, web-based marketing programs that create demand for company products, establish brand credibility and accelerate growth across all lines of business. Manage the creation of high impact campaigns, promotions, and online experiences. Optimizing the organization's web presence to provide a cohesive customer experience.

  • Implement the organization's public online properties and other digital marketing initiatives.
  • Provide a lead role on Web marketing projects and be a key member of cross-functional teams for large digital projects with corporate impact.
  • Create, launch, and support Web properties using internal CMSs
  • Manage strategic direction and implementation of SEO/SEM efforts bolstering SERP listings and Web conversions.
  • Manage strategic direction and implementation of all content marketing
  • Manage web analytics program and lead the production of regular analytics reports to demonstrate conversions and campaign effectiveness.
  • Manage graphic and content requests.
  • Extend the web presence to mobile users via responsive sites and participate in mobile app design.
  • Assist with Social media marketing efforts and the user experience between Web and Social.
  • Assist with Email marketing efforts and the integration of landing pages tied to email campaigns.
  • Evaluate and recommend vendors, hardware, software, products and services consistent with Comerica's digital channel needs.
  • Manage, through matrixed relationships, the activities of developers, vendors, consultants, and designers.
hillsdale college logo

Director of Digital and Social Media
Hillsdale College

February 2015 — May 2017

As the Director of Digital and Social Media, my role was to lead the team working to extend the College's mission and purpose through sharing digital content, building community, developing platforms, and generating commerce for the College.

Primary responsibilities:

  • Identify, propose, lead, develop, implement, and maintain a proactive digital and social media presence that differentiates Hillsdale College in the higher education space.
  • Drive ongoing benchmarking, web and social media metrics, and analytics intelligence to support data-based decisions for web and social media properties.
  • Lead the social media and digital content strategies to help spread the mission and messages of the College brands — including the residential college, Imprimis, and Hillsdale College Online Courses.
  • Supervise and provide on-going coaching and mentoring to the digital and social media team.

Key Achievements:

  • Led the internal team, external agencies, and overall process designing and launching the new Hillsdale.edu and six additional websites.
  • Directed the team and strategy increasing the social media connections for the College by more than 500% to more than 915,000 while maintaining industry-leading engagement.
  • Created processes and procedures for the management of a digital content team made up of four full-time employees and forty student employees.
weber shandwick logo

Director, Digital
Weber Shandwick

October 2012 — February 2015

Responsible for managing the strategy and interaction across client digital and social communities including the award-winning General Motors FastLane blog. Lead the paid content distribution practice in the office. Serve as social media liaison for General Motors corporate social media team. Create and direct editorial strategy for online communication platforms. Assist in the creation and management of blogger outreach programs and campaigns. Manage junior social media team members.

chrysler logo

Social Media Community Manager, Mopar
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

June 2011 — October 2012

Responsible for managing the strategy and interaction across Mopar social communities including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, and Google+. This includes daily interactions with customers on the social platforms, content curation, digital PR, digital customer service, and developing content strategies for all social platforms and mopar.com. In one year worked to grow the Twitter account over 1000% organically and help the Facebook page grow more than 565% utilizing both ads and organic reach. 


full sail university

Master of Science, Internet Marketing

Full Sail University, 2010

western michigan university

Bachelor of Arts, Communication

Western Michigan University, 2003

After completing the preliminary editing classes at WMU, I was asked to become the non-linear editing class teaching assistant. My main duty was to help the professors in instruction of those in the non-linear editing class. Other common duties were to be the lab Mac IT in which I kept the Apple edit stations in working order, as well as teach different lectures, be available for student questions at all times and work in a support role to help the student’s creative process