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Driven by a passion for learning and acting with intent, Brad Lowrey is a digital strategist who helps clients discover solutions for strengthened sales and steady growth. As an Enneagram Achiever (type 3) and Challenger (type 8), clients find he is ambitious, diplomatic, and resourceful on their behalf.

He is Vice President of Digital Marketing at Comerica Bank, where he creates and manages the strategic direction for web presence, digital marketing, SEO, content creation, social media, and more. Before that, he crafted the virtual face of Hillsdale College as Director of Digital and Social Media. He has a systematic and focused approach rooted in statistics and data-driven in all things. This methodology has led to successful management of media budgets of more than $10 million and $2 million in project budgets. His successful online promotions have increased traffic and engagement by 500% on average for his companies and clients.

Brad works as the man behind the curtain, establishing the guidelines and building the campaigns that exceed expectations on time and under budget.

His professional success in building, mentoring, and developing teams pairs with a bachelor’s degree in Communication, a master’s degree in Internet Marketing, and more than a decade of industry experience in digital strategy. With a proven track record, Brad is ready to roll with the punches in an ever-changing industry. He brings innovative concepts and integrated digital campaigns to drive lead generation and targeted marketing success.

Brad values family above all, which includes his wife, sons, two rescued pups. He holds fast to his principles, which include reliability, dedication, self-reflection, and intentionality. He spends his free time with his family on their small urban “homestead”—which currently contains three ducks, ten quail, and a 600+ square foot garden. When not working on a DIY project or in the garden, Brad likes woodworking, wrenching on cars, photography, practicing jazz piano, and owning his boys—for now—on video games.